Standard consultation time is a 60 minute session.  The fee for inital consultation is $240 and for subsequnet consultations is $205. Fees are to be paid at the end of each session.

Medicare Rebates of $137.05 will apply to those who have been referred by their GP under a GP Mental Health Care Plan. Eligible clients are entitled to Medicare rebates for 10 individual psychology sessions per year.

Clients with the appropriate level of Private Health Insurance may be entitled to a rebate. Please contact your insurer for further information.


For changed or cancelled appointments, the full fee will apply if less than 24 HOURS notice is given. However, if an emergency occurs please contact me as soon as possible to arrange an alternative time.

Court Reports

A valid court report will require a minimum of 3 preliminary consultation sessions over 3 to 4 weeks. The standard fees for these sessions are separate and are not included in the fee for the court report.

Under no circumstances will a report be provided on the basis of a single, initial consultation.

The standard turnaround time for the preparation of a court report is 10 days from the completion of the preliminary consultations. You will be notified upon completion of the report, and the report will be released to you only after payment has been received in full.

The fee for the court report will be advised prior to the preliminary consultations and is based upon the complexity of presenting circumstances.

Other Reports

Fee schedules for other types of reports are by negotiation and dependent upon complexity and other requirements.

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